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Hello! I am passionate about process and my mission is to decode the complexity that has been associated with the process improvement body of knowledge. I want to ensure everyone has ‘free’ access to information, tools, and tips from an expert in this field. My objective is to communicate to you in a manner that anyone can understand and immediately put into practice. Process is behind every part of our lives and if we can greatly improve our businesses and organizations, imagine the types of customer and employee experiences we can delivery, plus in the process of doing this, contribute to the bottom line, it is a win-win-win situation!

Meet The Process Man

Eduardo Perez

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Hey guys! I am Eduardo Perez, ‘The Process Man’. I have been doing this stuff my entire career, have all of the fancy certifications, have had major success leading process improvement efforts for big & small companies in various industries, however what makes me qualified to provide you with advice is not this but the fact that I eat, sleep, and constantly think about this stuff. I am constantly making mistakes because I am trying new things, I have failed so many times because I decided to leave my comfort zone but what I can tell you is that I never stop learning! I am combining a sprinkle of formal education with a dab of experience, topped with my own perspectives and decoding it for you in easy to follow layman’s terms. In addition, I am the Managing Director of Operations & Process of TPM Consulting Group.

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"Eduardo has the most impressive approach to operational excellence, problem resolution, and strategic alignment with teams of anyone I have worked with. His blend of creativity, empathy, and organization is rare indeed. I highly endorse Eduardo’s approaches, work and have utilized many of the above in our rapid growth at Rising Tide."

Jason Sherman, CEO, Rising Tide Marketing

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Steve Thibodeau, CEO, Global Lending Services

"Eduardo is an impressive leader with the ability to identify key leverage points within the business and drive continuous improvement. Eduardo's combination of quick problem solving skills, great people leadership and focus on driving results, enables him to be a very effective leader in any organization."

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"Eduardo’s level of intelligence, experience, drive and innovative approach to problem solving is unequalled in anyone I’ve worked with. He has a thoughtful approach to issues with not only a keen eye for detail but a broad understanding of the bigger picture which results in a thorough and successful attainment of goals."

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Tyler Anderson-Lennert, Owner, Compliance Theory

Hi my name is Eduardo Perez, I'm an operations and process improvement leader with over 15 years of...



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