about us!

I have 4 Guiding Principles that I use and collectively combine to guide the way I like to educate, advise, & inspire you.


Formal Education & Experience

The foundation of my knowledge comes from formal education & training that I have received from universities & certification courses. I have never stopped my self-directed obsession with learning and that is also part of what I share. In addition, most of my validated knowledge comes from on-the-job and true hands-on experience in manufacturing & business settings.


Personal Interpretations

On top of my formal education & experiences, I have applied my own lens over those and have formulated my own opinions and philosophies. In addition, I also put additional thought into trying to understand what I believed the intent was of the designers and developers of these tools. As a result, have generated my own philosophies as I attempt to see these principles from a typical human-behavior lens.


Layman’s Terms

One major problem that I am making a big effort to try to resolve is the fact that this information is often complex for most people to understand. Process, operations, & digital practitioners have essentially created their own community with their own language and tend to push others out. One of my objectives is to educate outsiders or newcomers and bring that insider knowledge to the masses and in the process decode the complex jargon into layman’s terms. In addition, I want everyone to have free access to this knowledge and information. No need to complicate concepts that are relatively simple. 



Finally, I not only get excited about teaching people about these principles in the simplest way possible, but I have a crazy passion for inspiring people and helping others to become self-motivated & driven. I want to give people the confidence to not only drive their own transformations & improvements regardless of level of experience, but also to equip people to have the right mindset that can be beneficial in their lives in general.