Simplified Process Improvement Book

There has never been a greater need to improve processes than today. With social media at the fingertips of billions, a poor customer experience can be disastrous or a great one can boost your organization to new levels. Similarly, with competition so fierce, being a little faster, saving an extra dollar, having the best quality or having the best employee morale could be what it takes to take your organization to unimaginable levels. 


Simplified Process Improvement provides you with proven tools in layman terms to help you and your business deliver the results it deserves. All of the fancy process improvement lingo has been thrown out the window so that anyone can pick up this book today and begin making improvements tomorrow.


Eduardo Perez , chief blogger of The Process Man and the Founder of TPM Consulting Group provides you with 5 real-world case studies where he used the same tools he is providing to you here.

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