What Makes You Comfortable Can Ruin You

I have compiled here 5 tips, that can help you to be successful in any environment. Sometimes we look at certain people and think they make things they do look so easy. What is it, you may be thinking? I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as people who are naturally good at things. Despite the romanticism of movies, shows, and the heroism that we seem to observe in people. What you don’t see is those athletes at the highest levels put crazy hours practicing their skills in late nights with no one around and those people in the business world that seem so knowledgeable about certain things put long hours behind closed doors perfecting their craft

I have here 5 tips that I believe will be helpful for you, they may or may not be obvious tips, however I believe we often need reminding. These are 5 of my favorite.

Let’s say you were delivering a plan to leadership superiors and you are going over the numbers regarding how many dollars you can save and how much better you can make this with great plan. In the process of explaining what the potential the win you can get, you low ball, you state with these efforts we can increase 10%, when you think that maybe you could even hit 20%. The reason you don’t state 20% is because you are afraid to fail and have everyone see you fall on your face. Remember that moment that Babe Ruth pointed out to the stands and called a homerun in front of thousands of people, there could have been two outcomes of that scenario. He either would have not hit a homerun or he would have. We know how the legend ended and we are telling it decades later.

Tip #1 – Don’t Sandbag

[You should be more disappointed in yourself if you aimed low and hit it than if you aimed high and missed.]

  • You are essentially setting a low bar for yourself and you will (only) live up to that low bar.

  • This is what I call the equivalent to sandbagging.

  • Another saying that is essentially the same is when people say they under commit and over deliver.

Learn from your failures!

Don’t be satisfied with complacency or with just going with the flow; keep your aim high.

Tip #2 – Have an Attitude of Excellence

  • Have an attitude of excellence, this is not something that you do and it is not a skill that you either possess or don’t. It is a mindset, a mentality, an attitude.

  • Don’t think, I just can’t do it because of this or that reason. Those are simply excuses, have that attitude that no matter what you will always give it your all, everything you have, doesn’t matter.

  • If I don’t know it will learn it, if I don’t have experience in that I will get experience in that thing.

If I am not comfortable, I will go there, I will escape my comfort zone.

Tip #3 – Leave Your Comfort Zone

[Things that make you comfortable, can ruin you!]

  • Leave your comfort zone

  • Why will it ruin you, you may be asking? Well if you choose to always stay where you feel comfortable – you WILL NOT grow.

  • Don’t turn down opportunities because of lack of comfort.

  • Rather you should pursue those opportunities BECAUSE they make you uncomfortable.

  • If you do not feel comfortable with a new area, material, project, department, etc. that is a good sign that you will grow when you get there.

  • Who knows: you will likely bring a new angle, a different perspective.

  • The business will benefit because you may show them things they were blind to.

  • You will benefit because you will learn new things, will grow as an employee, professional and person and you will increment to you skills.

But why should I leave my comfort zone, I am so doing well right now?

Tip #4 – Do a Sprint Combined with Marathon

  • You are thinking, I am doing so well right now, check out my career thus far, look at my awards, my achievements, look at my past. I am so proud of myself.

  • WAKE UP CALL: The world is moving so fast, you need to run just to stand still

  • If running isn’t sufficient, then what is? You should be sprinting.

  • However, sprinting alone is not sufficient, you need to combine your sprint with a marathon.

  • No one said this was going to be easy, it takes ultra-speed and ultra-endurance.

  • You are combining being the best now and continuing to be your best over and over, over the long run.

  • A few wins here and there is not sufficient.

You need to run just to stand still!

Don’t have this attitude of complacency with a few wins here and there, we all know how one-hit wonders go. Go for the gold, not just yesterday, but today, AND tomorrow. But let me tell you what, tomorrow’s gold will be much harder than yesterday’s.

[Tomorrow's gold will be much harder than yesterday's]

Tip #5 – Use Your Time Wisely

  • Make the best of your time. We all have 24 hours a day to work with, that is it.

  • What will you do with your time? Don’t hold back any punches.

  • Things are NOT going to just ‘fall in place’. Things don’t just fall in place in the real world

  • Use your 24 hours wisely

[It comes down to what will you do with the time that God had blessed you with, today.]

Bonus Tip – Bring the Best Version of You in Everything You Do

How will you use your time?

  • Are you going to aim low?

  • Are you going to sandbag?

  • Are you going to have an attitude of complacency?

  • Are you going to stay in your comfort zone?

  • Are you satisfied with your past wins?

Bring the best version of you onto the playing field and put the level of effort into each play as if it were a win or lose situation in the championship game. This level of effort should apply into everything you do, all the time.

Final Thought:

Live outside of your comfort zone and you will continue to grow, improve, and continue to do impressive things.


  1. Any experiences when you left your comfort zone and grew?

  2. Another other tips that you can share?

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