How to Become a Productivity Machine (1 of 3)

As we dive into the New Year, we all start the year with big aspirations and all kinds of resolutions. We want to make this year better than the last one and the one before that. I am sure your list is pretty extensive and consists of things that you saw as improvement opportunities from the previous year.

One little thing that will likely hope you accomplish all that you want to accomplish is doing more in less time, i.e. 'being more productive.'. As I did thought about this, I determined that I wanted to come up with a list that is personal and comes directly from my personal routines and habits as opposed to looking something up online or pulling up a good reference book. (I wanted to learn for myself, what is it that I do.)

I came up with a list of 12 things and determined that 12 is way too many things for one video, so I determined that 3 different videos each containing 4 tips would be my approach. Without further hesitation, here are my first four items.

Tip #1 - Be Ridiculously Focused

Be so focused that nothing it is like you have blinders on. Nothing is going to distract you because you are honing in on your target. Being super focused means not multi-tasking, i.e. only work on one thing at a time.

Tip #2 - Plan, Plan, & Plan More

Planning like crazy means that you plan so much that you even plan the time that you will focus on your planning. Just think that whatever it is you don't plan IS NOT going to happen. You need to see planning as a mental clearing method as well as a way to truly understand what is consuming your time. Remember, that your calendar is your slave, you must not let yourself become a slave to your calendar.

Tip #3 - Eliminate Unproductive Things from Your Life

Things that do not add value to your life or things that have a tendency of unproportionally consuming your time, should be eliminated from your life. Or a lighter way, at least do not make it easy for your to be consumed by those things or people that do not help you move forward with your objectives or goals. The average American watches 33 hours of TV per week - just think what else can be done with that time?

Tip #4 - Intentionally Disconnect

You must be very intentional about disconnecting from certain things. Things such as social media, emails, texts and phone calls have a way of swallowing our time and never giving it back to us. For the most part it prevents us from being productive. Disconnecting doesn't mean elminating, it simply means scheudling a few hours each day or maybe even a week per quarter where you make a conscience decision to not let yourself become distracted.

Closing & Questions

I hope you enjoyed these first 4 tips on how to be highly productive. They may seem obvious to you, but something that I have learned is that sometimes we all need reminding. In addition, one other observation from personal experience is that often things are easy to understand but hard to to. Take a shot at this and try to make changes in your normal habits.

1) What are some of your productivity tricks/tips?

2) Do you have a certain time that you believe you were completely UNPRODUCTIVE? Explain why or more details?

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